Social tv and social intelligence will guide decisions and improve performance

Not too long ago, Nielsen and Twitter announced a new “industry standard” metric, a real-time gauge of Twitter activity around TV shows. Given the energy behind the social TV space, it’s likely the metric will catch on, attracting not only the attention of the networks but agencies and advertisers, too. That means it would carry some weight in programming decisions. How much is yet to be seen, but a TV show on the TV ratings bubble — with a high Twitter rating — will have a higher chance of surviving another season.

Social Guide (bought by Nielsen’s NM Incite) tracks thousands of TV shows aired weekly in the US, in English and Spanish, and filters millions of conversations on Twitter to offer a real-time view into the social-media conversation around TV shows, showing top tweeters and the show’s share of the social conversation — as determined by its proprietary analytics. Social Guide also has a B2B offering — SGI or SocialGuide Intelligence, an analytics and engagement platform.

A new study by Nielsen and SocialGuide confirms the relationship between Twitter and TV ratings. In addition to analyzing Tweets about live TV, the study compared Twitter against a number of key variables in order to gauge the strength of the relationship of Twitter with ratings. In evaluating the Fall 2012 premiere and midseason program ratings of over 140 broadcast and cable programs, Twitter proved to be one of three variables – - including prior year rating and advertising spend – - to demonstrate a statistically significant relationship to TV ratings.

In another report from the consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, valuable insights are shared on the topic of "How ‘social intelligence’ can drive decisions."

Not only is this an interesting read, but governance, risk, and assurance professionals should recognize the risk of not being intelligent and failing to mine the information available in social media. As the authors say, “The costs of navigating without a social-intelligence map can be substantial.” They should also understand the opportunity of using these tools to manage risks to business objectives.

Key points include:

- As social technologies mature and organizations become convinced of their power, we believe they will take on a broader role: informing competitive strategy.

- Social-intelligence literacy will become a critical asset for C-level executives and board members seeking the best possible basis for their decisions.

- Social media can also provide windows into the plans of competitors, suppliers, and customers.

- The range of analytical techniques has exploded, and to stay ahead of the game companies must tap new areas of expertise.

Social TV will become a new way to inform the development of new shows as data analysis tools become more sophisticated. Imagine the new formats – crowd-sourced formats, new kinds of show creative, a much more personalised viewing experience. can help you start participating in the Social TV market. Call us for a demo.