Success case: Jean Centre

The Jeans Centre app you get personal discount vouchers, you will find the best jeans for your figure with jeans Advisor, you will receive weekly updates about everything that has to do with jeans and fashion and much more. Download Jeans Centre app and be surprised by all the extras! The 10 advantages: 1. Save on every purchase for discount 2. Your receipts and accumulated points are always at hand 3. After registration in the app you will receive a extra surprise 4. Always our rebates and discounts in your pocket, so you never miss an offer

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We developed Kipling

Swipe away from the Kipling world The Kipling Friends APP is all about you and your Kipling Friends. Download the APP today and enjoy all Kipling Friend benefits. Shop your favourite bag now, it’s at your fingertips. And don’t forget to monkey around in our Monkey game! The monkeys are everywhere out there! Try to catch them and earn extra smile points. What does the Kipling App offer you? • Your personal vouchers Your 10% welcome voucher, 10 euro voucher and 15% birthday vouchers are easily accessible*. • Play the monkey game

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Microsoft is bringing its excellent keyboard to the iPhone.

We are happy to announce that the Windows Phone keyboard "Word Flow" is avaible for the iOS version, iPhone users now can tap or swipe to type out words, and intelligently predict words for sentences. You'll be able to customize keyboard backgrounds with your own image, and there's even a one-handed mode. The one-handed addition is the most interesting change, allowing you to swipe and tap out words by moving the keyboard to the side in an arc shape.

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